PulsoEnergetico provides weekly reports in English of the electric market in Latin America. Besides of provides some special possibilities of investment in the sectors of Electricity, Hydrocarbons and Telecommunications in the region.

The reports we do are:

- Electricity

  • Study of the free market (deregulated market) and regulated market
  • Estimation of the tariffs on the market Spot and Regulated.
  • Hydrological study of Basins for hydroelectric projects.
  • Power flow of the electrical systems
  • Information of the legal and administrative procedures in the Country.


  • Study of the market Sismica, Average Production of Oil, Average Production of Liquids of the Natural Gas, Refining, Structure of Prices of Fuels, Commercial Scale of Hydrocarbons, Participation of Companies in Petroleum Contracts
  • Information of the Laws and administrative procedures in the country.

RP-Grupo PE





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