Services to consumers
In this field the possibilities of the Grupo PE are orientated to the search of solutions to measure or individualized for those consumers of energetic products who seek to analyze their costs and to optimize them, to study the possibilities of the diverse technologies in their productive processes or of generation of costs, etc.

If what you claim is to adapt to the maximum your energetic invoice to your needs or possibilities, Grupo PE can put in your hands all the tools which it has: Estimation of objective prices, analysis of curves of load, ideal tariff, negotiation of bilateral contracts ..., as well as its experience to obtain immediate solutions.

Services to companies
Grupo PE is specialized in approaching questions that appear as consequence of the liberalization of the market, without forgetting, of course, which are traditional in the energy sector.

If you have any problem of adjustment to the new system or are interested in taking advantage of the new challenges and opportunities of business that are arising, do not hesitate to consult us.

The capacity of Grupo PE in this area, allows us to approach the analysis of the problems that appear in your company and the production of solutions to your measure.

Among other services, Grupo PE can advise in the development of applications of trading or invoicing, advising in new plans of business, production of studies of technical - economic viability.

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